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Karin Madsen, Psy.D, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I believe that people face many challenges in their lives. I believe that with perseverance and with focus many challenges can be overcome. I believe that it is important to accept things that we may not like; and change our thinking when we cannot change our situation. That is why my approach to treatment is integrative with influences from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


I believe that people often try to avoid or suppress emotions, thoughts, or memories, which may result in unhealthy or maladaptive methods to further that avoidance. Often these symptoms, whether eating disorder behavior, self-injury, chemical dependency, etc., also serve some sort of purpose in the person's life and help them through difficult times in an unhealthy way. The purpose of treatment then becomes to replace ineffective and maladaptive behavior with functional and thoughtful responses. My approach to therapy emphasizes the acceptance and validation of your thoughts, feelings, and actions; while still challenging you to think of alternatives and practice acceptance of discomfort in the service of change.


Though I do practice using primarily the previously mentioned treatment techniques, my ultimate goal is to ensure a positive therapeutic relationship with each and every one of my clients. I am certainly flexible within my treatment approach and hope to work with you in a way that best meets your needs and helps you start living your life to the fullest. 


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Nicole Miller, M.A., Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

I believe that a successful therapeutic relationship is based on trust, teamwork, compassion and empathy. I work attentively to assist my clients in realizing their potential for positive change, and help to empower them to meet their therapeutic goals. I am comfortable utilizing a variety of interventions to meet each client's specific needs.

I work with individuals and groups on issues such as family problems, divorce and divorce recovery, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anger management, eating disorders, parenting skills, grief and loss, physical and sexual abuse, and adolescent issues.

We all experience periods of distress in our lives that can fluctuate between intense grief and suffering to slight sadness and worry. Regardless of the stressor, I believe that most people can benefit from therapy services at one point or another. I assist my clients to feel safe and comfortable in the therapeutic process.

Jessica McCormack, M.S., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I pull from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and methods from the Gottman Institute to help couples fall back in love. You want to heal your relationship. I'm here to guide you through that. Through a direct and sincere approach, I can help you and your partner reconnect to the relationship both of you have always wanted. Your goal is to get to a happier, safer, more loving place with your partner, and it's my lifelong dream to help you do that. 

You're tired. You're anxious. Your relationship is strained. There are more fights than conversations, more tension than relaxation. Things just aren't the way you pictured your relationship to be. Remember when you two would laugh together and it felt like you were a team? It's time to get out of the cycle you're in and try something different. I want to help you two get back on track and make the best of the life you have built together. You deserve to be loved and to feel loved by your partner.

Nathan Lagacy, M.A., CMPC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and also a Certified Mental Performance Consultant for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. I have spent the past five years working as a full time therapist dealing with a variety of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD, ODD, ADHD, anger management, Bipolar Disorder, and others. I also have experience with issues related to children's adjustment to divorce, relational issues, and stress management. I have experience as a mental performance consultant in working with various sports teams, individual athletes, and performers in a multitude of sports/performance realms to develop skills to create consistency, and optimal performance. Concentrating on areas such as goal setting, mental toughness, emotional regulation skills (anxiety, anger, etc.), relaxation, managing pressure, motivation, focus, and improving performance.

I work with individuals to meet them where they are in life in order to help them find more effective ways to cope, and to maneuver through their life. We will work to identify areas for improvement and to challenge each person in order to improve their quality of life. I work to help individuals utilize their current strengths to help them find more success in managing stressors, painful emotions, and to navigate through difficult relationships.

As a therapist with training in sport and health psychology I understand the importance of how the mind and body interact with one another. I work to help individuals look at all areas of their life in order to increase their happiness, and work to achieve their goals in life. As a youth I participated in soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and track. I played collegiate football during my undergraduate degree as well. As an adult I continue to be very involved in health and wellness, along with playing sports recreationally. I am a big believer in the impact that health, wellness, physical activity and sports can have upon increasing happiness and overall life satisfaction.  

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